The Mansion and adjacent lands were the property of Baron Rudolf Wiener Welten. The Baron was the owner of several similar settlements on the Rye Island, where he devoted himself mainly to horse breeding.



The Mansion in Baci and adjacent lands were bought Mgr. Gabriel Kuchta.


In February 1948 the entire property was nationalized. While in the State's ownership, the mansion became a retirement home and after an institute for the mentally disabled. During this period they made insensitive alterations in the overall appearance of the mansion and also the adjacent park. In 1991, the daughter of Mgr. Kuchta requested under the restitution law the return of their property.


In 1996 the property was returned to its original owners.


In 2006, the owners of the mansion and the grounds set up the company Welten ltd, which during the same year began reconstruction of the manor house, outbuildings space for restaurants and the construction of an 18-hole golf course.


In 2011, there was another large-scale modernization of the exterior sector, which significantly made the existing buildings more attractive . At the same time reconstruction of the hotel along with the restaurants and other buildings took place , which can be now used for events.