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The manor house and surrounding lands were the property of Count Rudolf Wiener Welten. The count was the owner of sveral similar farms on Žitný ostrov, where he bred horses.

JUDr. Gabriel Kuchta bought the manor house and surrounding lands in Báč.
The property was nationalized in February 1948. During use, the state set up a retirement home in the manor and subsequently a social care institution for the mentally handicapped. During this period, insensitive interventions were made in the overall appearance not only of the manor house, but also of the adjacent park. In 1991, Mr Kuchta's daughter applied for the return of property under the Restitution Act.
The property was returned to the original owner in 1996.
In 2006, Welten a.s. became the owner of the manor and land, which in that year began with the reconstruction of the manor, the extension of the restaurant premises and the construction of an 18-hole golf course.
Another extensive modernization of the exterior took place in 2011, which significantly made the existing premises more attractive. At the same time, the hotel, restaurant and other buildings were reconstructed, which serve various purposes as well as social events.
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