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Tue-Sun 8:00 - 18:00
18-hole championship golf course
An ideal place for beginners and experienced golfers located only 23 km from Bratislava

Golf Course

The 18-hole championship course, rich in sand bunkers, is very interesting for all categories of players, regardless of handicap level.

GC WELTEN offers the possibility of training at a 3-hole academy, which is an ideal place for beginning golfers even without a green card.

The training zone includes two chipping and two putting greens as well as 300 m long driving range with seven target greens.


March 30, 2023
GolfTrip HCP Tour
April 6, 2023
GolfTrip HCP Tour
April 13, 2023
GolfTrip HCP Tour
April 15, 2023
Golf & Style Trophy
April 16, 2023
Performance Golf Kids & GCW junior liga
April 20, 2023
GolfTrip HCP Tour
April 25, 2023
Turnaj 70+
April 27, 2023
GolfTrip HCP Tour

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An ideal place for beginners and experienced golfers

Golf club
  • Fast accessibility; 20 min. from Bratislava
  • Free play on other five courses
  • High quality children’s academy


Taste the local delicacies of our golf kitchen

Poskytnuté finančné prostriedky

Prostriedky zo štátneho rozpočtu na šport pre rok 2021

Podľa počtu aktívnych športovcov: 3854,51 EUR I Podľa talentovaných športovcov: 6490,87 EUR

Refundácia nákladov členom CTM: 14097,36 EUR I Nákup materiálu: 2802,50 EUR I Výjazd reprezentácie CTM: 1315,20 EUR

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